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Started in Chennai, in 2012, Hoops Creating Hope is a program¬†targeted at the less-privileged¬†students. The program seeks to develop skills in leadership, understanding of gender equality, build participant character, teamwork skills, communication skills, and instill in students the confidence to pursue future goals. Basketball, in Crossover’s signature HCH program, is viewed as a vehicle of change — as quoted by Crossover, “students are able to learn on the court and in the classroom through play and guided experiential learning rather than more hours in a traditional classroom”.

At HCH, students learn about Crossover’s five prime principles through sessions linking academics, individual skills, team building, physical conditioning, and yoga. This event attracts a range of stakeholders, from thought leaders, student voices, coaches, and educators from the US and India, who all respect the importance of sport in a student’s overall education.

Event Brief

WHAT: Hoops Creating Hope (Delhi)

WHEN: 25-29 March, 2019 (14:00-16:30)

WHO: Crossover Coaches, WNBA Player Alana Beard, Assist & Student Volunteers

WHERE:: Amar Jyoti Foundation


FOOD/WATER: Provided

PARTNERS: : teach for india amar jyotinourish organics

SWAG ITEMS: Every participating  student will be given a T-Shirt, Basketball and a special gift from the Canadian High Commission, Delhi!

Welcoming to Delhi

shaun jayachandran crossover
Shaun Jayachandran, Crossover Founder-president
carie small crossover
Carie Small, Crossover Coach
alana beard wnba legend
Alana Beard, 2x WNBA Champion

Event Schedule

hoops creating hope schedule

We need volunteers!

If you’re interested in joining us, please contact us at the email address below:



Assist organised Crossover’s Hoops Creating Hope programme in Delhi, for the first time ever, from 25 March‚Äď29 March 2019. The programme was a massive success with over 140 less privileged children taking part in the drills.