basketball match in progress

Team Size
The two sides can choose a maximum of 12 players each for a game. At any point, there should be no more than five players from each team in the court. Moreover, teams are permitted to use as many substitutes as they want.

The objective is to put the ball through the hoop on the far end and accumulate more points than the opposition in order to win.

Match Duration
The match is divided into four quarters of 10 minutes each. It extends to a 5-minute overtime if the scores are tied at the end of the final quarter.

basketball player dunking the ball

Scoring Points

  • A basket is worth three points when scored from outside the three-point arc.
  • A basket is worth two points when scored from inside the three-point arc.
  • A basket is worth one point when scored from the free-throw line.

Ball Possession

  • The player in possession of the ball may either choose to dribble it around or pass it to a teammate.
  • A player may take two steps before passing or shooting the ball.
  • A player cannot resume dribbling after stopping it once.
  • A team which has crossed into the opponent’s half of the court cannot move the ball back inside their own half.

Time Constraints
The team in possession has 24 seconds to take a shot. Moreover, an attacker cannot stay inside the restricted area or key for more than three consecutive seconds.

basketball players competing for the ball


  • When a player uses illegal contact against his opponent, it is seen as a personal foul. Making more than five personal fouls can force the official to ban the particular player from the rest of the game.
  • When a player attempting a shot is fouled, the team is awarded the same number of free throws as the number of points which could be scored from where the foul took place. If a player is fouled and his shot still goes through the net, the team receives the point(s) and is also awarded a free throw.
  • If a team makes more than four fouls within the same quarter, every succeeding foul by the team is penalised with two free throws.