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Our Mission

The less privileged children in India have no access to even the basic amenities of life. At Assist, we strive to create a belief in them that they too have a future.

Through our academy, we provide economically weak and/or special children with basketball training, while also aiding in inculcating the life skills that the game teaches. Ultimately, our aim is to enable these children to learn life’s values and to assist them in assimilating into the mainstream.

We are honoured to have been covered by these news sources:

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Business Standard

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Our Genesis

It all started from a small initiative that Assist Co-founder Kartikeya Goel took up, back in the summer of 2016, when he decided to teach basketball to five less privileged children growing up in the harsh corner of his neighbourhood. Over a span of several months, Kartikeya was amazed to see how playing basketball on a regular basis improved the physical and mental development of these children—they grew sharper in their movements and reading of the game.

Inspired by the positive impact of playing basketball in children, Kartikeya and Parth Sarthi, his friend, decided to launch Assist on a bigger scale to help more children discover the benefits of basketball. The name, Assist, was chosen to represent the organisation’s fundamental purpose of helping others achieve their goals. In basketball, just as a player earns a point for helping his teammate score a basket, in life, we become better people by helping others in meeting their targets.

For the young players of Assist, basketball is not just a sport but a means of acquiring important personality traits such as discipline, hardwork, perseverance, teamwork, confidence, and grit.

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Our Team

Kartikeya Goel, Founder

Kartikeya was the proud captain of the Delhi Basketball Team at the 61st U-14 National School Games (2015-16) when they won the silver medal. He has been playing basketball for the last eight years and has also represented the country at the Paris World Games 2017. Currently, he’s studying at Babson College, USA.

Parth Sarthi, Co-founder

Parth is a high school student with interest in math, music, and mankind. He is the Administrator of Reuniting Missing Children, an FB Group & Page with 500+ members. He hopes to dunk into a world of equal opportunities by promoting basketball in his neighbourhood. Currently, he’s studying at Stanford University, USA.

Varun Ahlawat, Coach

Varun is a FIBA-certified basketball coach and the proud winner of the ‘Best Coach’ award given by Delhi Jr. NBA Basketball Program (2015).

Aryaman Kunzru, Web Wizard

Aryaman, a student based in Hong Kong, likes to explore his interests and complete meaningful, real-world projects. Among other things, PolyClinic, VirtualReality.edu, VirTune and Dawai Dost are some of his Computer Science-based projects. He is also interested in Policy and Economics. Currently, he’s studying at Georgetown University, USA.

Start An Assist Chapter

We encourage you to do your bit in shaping the future of our less privileged friends. If you wish to start a local Assist chapter in your school or locality, please contact us.

To start your Assist chapter, you would be required to arrange for the following:

  • Venue with a basketball hoop
  • Volunteers
  • A basketball coach (student or teacher)
  • 10-12 basketballs
  • EWS students and/or special children, aged 14 and under.
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